Sustainability is not just the future; it is the present. By creating transformative, non-harmful answers to age-old crop challenges, Biotalys is shaping the future of safe and sustainable food production from soil to plate.  

Our unique groundbreaking, proprietary technology platform has been developed to rapidly generate innovative protein- based crop protection products that are highly effective and that safeguard the health of both our food and our environment.


Biotalys’ AGROBODY Foundry™ allows for the rapid generation of innovative biocontrol solutions to tackle a wide range of crop pests and diseases. The biocontrols are manufactured through a proprietary industrial scale bioprocess and formulated to meet farmers’ practice, providing consistent high performance and novel modes of action.

Biotalys’ targeted and automated approach during the discovery and development phase, as well as a straightforward regulatory pathway, enable the development of novel biocontrols three years faster and at a significant lower cost compared to the generation of chemical active ingredients.

     AGROBODY Foundry™